• Send faxes with your Mac
  • From any application
  • Free download
  • From 6 pence/fax


simple-fax.de FaxPrinter revolutionizes fax-sending for all Mac users.

FaxPrinter by simple-fax.de allows direct faxing from any program making faxing easy, quick and convenient. With its new fax software for Mac OSX simple-fax.de makes sending a fax as easy as printing. After installing FaxPrinter you can choose “send to simple-fax.de” from the print dialog. After selection a preview window where the recipients fax number(s) can be entered opens. Alternatively, you may choose the simple-fax.de app from the programs menu and select a PDF document from your hard drive. After the document is sent we will confirm its delivery by email, as usual.

You require a customer account to use the services of simple-fax.de. If you have not registered yet you can do so here.

FaxPrinter is available for free in Apple’s AppStore. Click here..


What our clients say about us:

  • “Fast, easy, cheap and uncomplicated faxing. I will gladly send the next fax the same way. Great value for the money. Thank you!”
  • “Simple and cost-effective faxing with simple-fax.co.uk. No additional software or hardware required! From now on I will send all my faxes via my browser!”
  • “Sending a fax with simple-fax.co.uk is super easy and the prices are very fair! I especially like that you don’t have to add £ 30 to your account if you only want to send a fax once in a while. My fax was delivered within a few seconds.”