Simple Fax

  • Send faxes online
  • Your own fax number (optional)
  • Mail2Fax and much more

„I don’t need a dedicated fax machine anymore!“

Upload a document

Log into your account and upload text documents or pictures. You can choose to upload a multiple page document or merge multiple documents.

Choose recipient

Enter a recipient or choose one from your personal contacts. You can also choose multiple recipients.

Send document as fax

Your fax will be transmitted to the recipient immediately and you will receive a transmission report via email. Faxing via the Internet has never been simpler!

Simple Payment uses a prepayment system. You can add money to your customer account via PayPal or credit card.

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What our clients say about us:

  • “Fast, easy, cheap and uncomplicated faxing. I will gladly send the next fax the same way. Great value for the money. Thank you!”
  • “Simple and cost-effective faxing with No additional software or hardware required! From now on I will send all my faxes via my browser!”
  • “Sending a fax with is super easy and the prices are very fair! I especially like that you don’t have to add £ 30 to your account if you only want to send a fax once in a while. My fax was delivered within a few seconds.”