Internet Fax!

Internet Fax

Online Fax Services without Hardware

At the moment, the good old fax is experiencing a renaissance as the Internet fax. The advantages for the user are obvious: automated confirmation of transmission, high safety and universal compatibility still keep the fax up-to-date. However, you no longer need noisy, bulky fax machines that occupy precious desk space. Modern online fax services are operated via browser. Despite Facebook, Twitter, email and instant messaging, the good old fax is indispensable in modern everyday business. Even in the age of social media the old-school 80’s medium fax still has its advantages.

Internet faxing not only offers low prices and easy handling, but is also more flexible and efficient than bulky, complicated fax machines. Using the online alternative to regular faxing Simple Fax only requires a quick registration. There are no installation charges or monthly fees. Our clients have full cost control.

Comparing a number of online fax services, the renowned German magazine Computerwoche judges Simple Fax as follows:

“Besides its simple handling and favourable conditions, as well as the convenient fax-printers for Windows and Mac, Simple Fax stands out for its good pricing.”

Payment for the services is handled very straightforward via a prepaid account to which money can be added using Paypal, money transfer or direct debit. This way the customer is only charged if the service is actually used. With prices of 7 cents for an Internet Fax page to a German landline, 9 cents to European landlines and only 19 cents to countries worldwide, Simple Fax offers simple, low-cost tariffs.

Clients can have their own dedicated fax number for receiving faxes if desired. If 25 euro are added to the client account this number is even free of charge so that the client saves 60 euro a year.

Unlike many other online fax services, Simple Fax supports 80 different file formats. Next to PDF, DOC and Excel, customers can also send additional picture and text formats like JPG, TXT or XML as a fax. This way, users who work with a wide array of different programs are on the safe side.

You can send an Internet Fax via email or from the desktop via whatever program. Simple Fax offers a free fax printer for Windows and Mac.

Another convenient feature that should not be forgotten: With Simple Fax you can not only send and receive faxes, but also letters and SMS messages. So, best to register right away in order to benefit from the advantages Simple Fax has to offer and to start faxing right away!


What our clients say about us:

  • “Fast, easy, cheap and uncomplicated faxing. I will gladly send the next fax the same way. Great value for the money. Thank you!”
  • “Simple and cost-effective faxing with No additional software or hardware required! From now on I will send all my faxes via my browser!”
  • “Sending a fax with is super easy and the prices are very fair! I especially like that you don’t have to add £ 30 to your account if you only want to send a fax once in a while. My fax was delivered within a few seconds.”