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All services without contract

Internet Fax Services

Fax sending
Letter sending
SMS sending
Document archive
Address book
No contractual obligations
No monthly fees

Additional Services

Sending faxes via email application
FaxPrinter for MAC & PC
Dedicated fax number (01/02 Geographic)

Connection costs (Show all)

Fax to landline within UK
6 pence
Letter (within UK)
95 pence
8 pence

What our clients say about us:

  • “Fast, easy, cheap and uncomplicated faxing. I will gladly send the next fax the same way. Great value for the money. Thank you!”
  • “Simple and cost-effective faxing with No additional software or hardware required! From now on I will send all my faxes via my browser!”
  • “Sending a fax with is super easy and the prices are very fair! I especially like that you don’t have to add £ 30 to your account if you only want to send a fax once in a while. My fax was delivered within a few seconds.”